Services We Provide

GearUGalore offers varying services
from direct connect to consultation
services with our top-notch Fashion
Stylist as well as our Affiliate
Alterations Specialists.  We understand
that some individuals already know what
they are looking for and we lead them
straight to our vast selection of fashion
merchants to choose their desired item or

Others come to GearUGalore for
assistance and we help them select the
right apparel for the occasion in which
they are planning to look their best and
beyond.  That is our opportunity to
move into action for U, assisting U in
looking your best.

If U would like to move directly to the
merchandise selection, please click explore
selection above.  

If U would just like some quick
advice feel
free to click Contact Us.

If U would like to have a more detailed
analysis with one of our Top-Notch Fashion
Stylist, please click Contact Us.

If U would like to have a
full fashion
consultation where we schedule one of our
many professional affiliate tailors nearest to
your area (within the 50 Continental States
of the US) to have your garments, altered
and custom-fitted to your body, please
Contact Us above.  Our professionals can
assist you with size selection based on the
information provided in order for U to know
the appropriate size to order which is one of
the many reasons for our high-quality rating.  
We do our best to assist U in looking even
better from the very beginning of our
client/stylist relationship.  
It's totally up to U.

ALL of GearUGalore's Direct, Advise
and Analysis Services are presently
available to the public (for an affordable
fee) as a way for U to become familiar
with us, however, there are separate
fees associated with the full fashion
consultation.  Those prices are based on
the professional affiliate facility, however,
we ensure price comparability prior to
the organization's inception into the
affiliate program.

The majority of GearUGalore's client's
are 'movers and shakers' who do not
necessarily have the time to spend
traveling from rack to rack, store to
store...mall to mall.  They would more
readily log on, peruse the enormous
selection right at their fingertips and
continue on with their meetings or daily
business.  Many like the idea of making a
time-consuming task, a more relaxed and
less stressful one because it's done right
from the comfort of their own home or
simply at their convenience.  No more
day long trips to the mall, unless of
course you enjoy the exercise.  That's
always a good thing.  

Today's society holds comfort and
convenience at high regard and so do we
@ GearUGalore.

Please feel free to click one of the
available options above and GearUGalore
will be glad to assist U.
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